Saturday, February 4, 2012

Adding Insult to Injury

I had never even heard of the Susan G. Komen foundation, much less ever donated money to it.  Yes, I had heard of “Race for the Cure” and I am certainly sympathetic to any organization that wants to fund breast cancer research, but I never knew the specific name of the foundation associated with such an otherwise worthwhile effort. 

Though I have given to plenty of worthy causes in my life, this just happens to not be one of them.  I just never thought to do so.  My bad.  But whatever the merits of breast cancer research, the Susan G. Komen Foundation (SGKF) will certainly not ever be getting a dime from me now--not after the events of the last few days.

SGKF recently came to the realization that Planned Parenthood did not meet their criteria for receiving  funds or grants,, so they announced that they would not be funding P.P. … for now.  You would think I would say “Hooray!” because they had struck a blow against the disgustingly profitable abortion industry.

On the contrary, my first question is “Why was SGKF funding P.P.  in the first place?”  Is P.P. involved in breast cancer research? (No).  Do they even provide mammograms? (No again.)   Is P.P. involved in anything whatsoever that would advance the cause of finding a cure for breast cancer?  (Thrice no.)  On the contrary, the medical research and evidence is quite clear that there is a higher incidence of breast cancer (in addition to other physical and emotional maladies) in women who have had an abortion. 

So what was SGKF thinking in the first place?!?!?!  I wonder how many people who had enthusiastically participated in Race for the Cure or otherwise given to the cause knew that they were funding the abortion industry? 

It’s bad enough that P.P. makes money hand-over-fist by providing abortions, and supplements their coffers by sucking at the teat of the government and of ostensibly charitable organizations; they also scream bloody murder if anyone dares to threaten the flow of largesse from any source.  This past Friday, SGKF knuckled under to the bullying tactics of P.P. and their allies on the left and reversed their decision. But given SGKF’s unconscionable support of P.P. in the first place, this reversal was just an anti-climactic addition of insult to injury.

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JD Curtis said...

Just as I was thinkjing of donating to them, they reversed their decision. It's all negative publicity for them.