Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas to all

Dear Family and Friends,

For obvious reasons, this year we have had occasion to sing lots of lullabies. Leo in particular has enjoyed singing Sicilian lullabies:

Ninna nanna, beddu miu (Lullaby, my handsome guy)
dormi dormi, nun chiangiri, ninna nanna... (Go to sleep, now don’t you cry, lullaby...)

Life has not been the same since Allen and Christine blessed us with our first grandchild, James, born this past July 9th. It’s not that he needs the soporific and calming effect of a lullaby; truth be told, the kid doesn’t cry much. On the few occasions that he fusses, we put him back in Christine’s arms and, presto! ...problem solved!

But it is an incredible joy to sing lullabies to a grandson, be they Sicilian, Italian or otherwise. Maybe it’s because in so doing we start to imagine the lullabies that our grandparents sang years ago to our parents, and even to us. The thought brings with it a bittersweet nostalgia. At our age, these memories are starting to become dearer as the years slip by, taking with them more and more loved ones from those wonderful generations. And little by little, in due time we will be considered the older generation (notwithstanding that we are rather young grandparents, barely into our fifties.).

These two semi-older folks are doing pretty well this Christmas. Thank the Lord, we do not lack for decent health. Truth be told, we really don’t lack for anything of importance. We love each other, and our children (and, of course, our grandson) are a great source of joy. What more could we ask?

Above all, our greatest gratitude and joy are for the Child who was born more than two millennia ago. Because of Him, our sins are forgiven, and we have the blessed hope that the passing of the years and generations is not the final word. We wish you a blessed Christmas and a joyful New Year.

Leo and Susan and family

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